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Haihui Environmental Protection Equipment Company organizes a safety month knowledge competition activity


Haihui Environmental Protection Equipment Company organizes a safety month knowledge competition activity


In order to deeply implement the relevant requirements of the group's "Safety Production Month", further enhance the safety production awareness and self-protection ability of employees, and firmly establish the concept of safety development, on the morning of June 14th, the Youth League Branch of Haihui Environmental Protection Equipment Company, in conjunction with the Safety Production Department, organized a safety knowledge competition activity with the theme of "Everyone talks about safety, everyone meets emergency - unobstructed life channels".

This event went from promotion to organization, with each department carefully selecting and preparing for the competition. Finally, six teams were selected to participate, with three players selected from each team. The competition covers safety knowledge and production technology, safety laws and regulations, safety responsibility system, safety operating procedures, and other content in daily homework processes. It is divided into four forms: mandatory questions, quizzes, risk questions, and audience interaction questions. The atmosphere at the competition was lively, and the contestants were full of energy and confidence. During the question answering session, everyone calmly responded and actively answered. The entire process was exciting and varied, fully demonstrating their solid safety knowledge foundation and spirit of striving for excellence. After intense competition, the representative team of Workshop 5 won the first prize.

Strengthen safety education and jointly build a safe sea. Through this safety knowledge competition, the majority of cadres and workers have further enhanced their sense of responsibility of "everyone emphasizes safety, always thinks about safety, everything is safe, and safety is essential everywhere", truly understanding the significance of safety production. The safety knowledge competition has come to a successful end, but the pace of mastering safety knowledge never stops. Next, the company will continue to carry out safety knowledge education activities, effectively integrating safety knowledge into actual production, preventing all safety accidents, and ensuring the continuous stability of the company's production situation, promoting the orderly operation of the company's production and operation.

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